Georgia Appeals

Georgia Appeals
Under Georgia law, if a defendant is unsatisfied with the results from their trial, they will often file an appeal. There are many legitimate reasons for appealing a case. For instance, important facts or evidence pertaining to the case may not have been presented in the trial. Also, laws may not have been followed properly by the prosecution or court, which would indicate a failure to provide due process. A qualified defense attorney can help find legitimate reasons for an appeal, which could significantly reduce the penalties facing a defendant.

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The appellate process can be confusing and you should be represented in this process. The attorneys of HTW&W are ready to help you through this important court procedure.

Generally, the courts will acknowledge two types of appeals. There is a direct appeal, which is the more traditional of the two appeals. In a direct appeal, an appeal will be filed with a higher court. This court will be the next higher court from the previous lower court’s ruling. The other type of appeal is a post-conviction appeal, where a petitioner files with the court that actually handled the case.

How do you file an appeal?

A notice of appeal will need to be filed with the appropriate court. The appellate court will then determine whether or not the lower court’s decision was legally accurate. If after determining the lower court’s ruling was accurate, the higher court may “affirm” the judgment. However, if after reviewing the case, the appellate court finds any inaccuracies, they may nullify the inaccurate part of the case, if not the entire decision.

How much time do I have?

Defendants generally have a very limited time to file a formal appeal. So even if you are interested in an appeal, you should contact HTW&W immediately to get qualified advice on your particular situation before time runs out! We’re available 24 hours a day so feel free to call right now. Our law office is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and we’ve received numerous awards. Trust your appeal with the largest criminal defense firm in Georgia!