Georgia Bench Warrant

If you have been brought before a judge on a Georgia bench warrant, you need representation. The professional and experienced attorneys at HTW&W can assist you through this complex process. Our law office will ensure that your rights are being protected during this type of arrest warrant.

How is a bench warrant different from an arrest warrant?

Arrest warrants are issued when a crime has been committed and the person who committed that crime is not in custody. Police acquire a warrant to lawfully obtain the suspect without having actually viewed the crime.

On the other hand, a bench warrant is issued whenever an individual fails to appear in court. A judge or court serves a bench warrant and police are able to take this person into custody. The person is then physically brought to the bench to be questioned by the judge or court. A person can be served with a bench warrant for a variety of reasons. For example, if you fail to make it to a scheduled court appearance, the judge or court will consider this a contempt of court and will issue a bench warrant.

In the eyes of the judge or court, not appearing in court when ordered may leave the impression that the person is scared of being found guilty and chose to flee. In most cases when the person has been found and arrested, bail will be reset at a much higher amount, or they will be arrested with no bail since they are now considered a high-risk for fleeing (also knows as flight-risk).

It is also possible for a bench warrant to be filed against someone who failed to show up for jury duty. However, judges usually will not waste time on filing such warrants.

Regardless of the circumstances involving your bench warrant, you should contact a qualified defense attorney to discuss the details. HTW&W is larger and more awarded than any other criminal defense law firm in the state of Georgia. They have also been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 1976. Why trust your case with anyone else?