Georgia DUI Car Insurance Increases

Car insurance is expensive and when you’re charged with a DUI, car insurance can be down-right unaffordable. And that’s if your car insurance carrier decides to let you stay on their policy. Whether you have been convicted of DUI or the DMV has issued an administrative action against your driver’s license, your car insurance carrier will most likely decline your coverage.

What actions can I take to keep my vehicles insured?

Just as you would seek professional legal advice from a qualified DUI defense attorney, you should also consider finding professional car insurance advice. While most car insurance companies cancel or decline coverage for those convicted of DUI, there is information that you can find on the web for obtaining free, no-obligation quotes. In addition to researching insurance information on the web, it is also important to seek the advice of a trained insurance professional that can help you through the process of your DUI arrest or DMV administrative sanction.

Since the DMV understands that insurance companies often cancel or decline coverage for those convicted of DUI, you’ll have to provide the DMV with proof of insurance should you get your driver’s license back. This is known as an SR-22 insurance form and it is reserved specifically for those facing an administrative DMV action or a DUI conviction.

The SR-22 form is a catch 22 (no pun intended). The only way to receive this proof of insurance certificate is to contact your insurance carrier. However, the moment you do this, your insurance carrier will discover that you have been either convicted of DUI or are facing a DMV administrative action. This is why it is imperative that you discuss your insurance needs with a trained professional.

So if you or a family member has been charged with DUI, don’t wait to start seeking advice for your car insurance. After seeking legal advice from a professional DUI defense attorney, immediately contact an insurance professional. There are free services dedicated specifically to those convicted of DUI or facing a DMV administrative action. A trained professional can help make this complicated process easier and have you back on the road sooner than you expected.