Georgia Extradition

Think that fleeing your state or country is the answer to your criminal charges? Think again. The United States requires that all states extradite (also known as rendition) criminals to the state they are to be prosecuted in. Furthermore, the United States has treaties with over 100 countries relating to extradition.

What Crimes Can Result in Extradition?

According to the Extradition of Fugitives Clause in the Constitution, any fugitive that has committed “treason, felony or another crime” is to be turned over to where they have fled. That makes extradition between states pretty straightforward, but extradition on a worldwide scale is much more complex as a result of political and societal differences. For instance, the United States will generally not turn over individuals who are accused of political crimes; while nations such as Mexico, Canada and most of Europe will not extradite criminals to America (or other countries) if the death penalty may be administered.

If someone flees the country after being charged with a crime and is caught, detained and transported by law enforcement officials, most likely they will be extradited back to the country they were fleeing. Obviously for attempting to flee the country, a person will be facing more severe penalties.

Hire the right attorney to represent your extradition case.

If you have been charged with extradition, you must contact an attorney that specializes in this field of law. It is a complex area of law and most defense attorneys do not have the experience or knowledge to take on an extradition case.

The professional attorneys of the HTW&W Law Office are prepared to represent your extradition charge. Please consult the attorneys of the HTW&W Law Office concerning any criminal defense matters including your extradition charge. Our law office has been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since 1976 and our attorneys are available 24 hours a day through phone or e-mail.

There are defenses for your extradition case and it is the job of our attorneys to weaken the prosecution’s claims. If law enforcement officers did not follow protocol when arresting you, we’ll find out!