Georgia Possession of Meth

Because of the addictive nature of methamphetamines, Georgia lawmakers and law enforcement are cracking down on the possession of meth. The potential penalties for Georgia possession of meth could include jail or prison time, probation, expensive fines, and community service. The factors used to determine the sentence for possession include the amount of meth as well as any prior criminal convictions.

Types of Meth Possession

A person who is found with meth could face one of two charges—simple possession or possession with intent to distribute. Simple possession, which is the lesser of the two crimes, means that a person is found with a small amount of meth intended for personal consumption. While the penalties for simple possession could include jail time and a fine, some courts allow first-time offenders to take a drug diversion program in lieu of jail time. You should note that if you agree to a drug diversion program as part of your sentence, you may be sent to jail if you do not successfully complete the program. A person who has prior convictions on his or her record may be sentenced to harsher penalties, such as increased jail time and fines.

Possessing a large amount of meth could result in intent to distribute charge, even if the person did not intend to sell or give the drugs to others. The penalties for this crime could include prison time and fines ranging in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Even possessing drug paraphernalia can lead to a Georgia possession of meth charge. If a person has substances of equipment that are used to manufacture meth, he or she may face serious criminal penalties, even if he or she does not possess meth.

The consequences of meth possession last long after the sentence has been served. By having a drug possession conviction on your record, you could lose valuable job, school, housing, and loan opportunities.

Fighting a Meth-Related Charge

Many people are afraid to fight their possession of meth charges, believing they will automatically be convicted regardless of the circumstances; however, this is not true. With a skilled defense lawyer on your side, you can build a defense that will lead to the best outcome possible.

To fight your Georgia possession of meth charges, please contact an experienced attorney today.