Georgia Probation Violation

Probation may be ordered in lieu of jail time or after an incarceration sentence has been served. During this period, you are required to comply with the conditions of your release. Violating these terms could result in severe penalties, which may include incarceration. If you have recently been charged with a Georgia probation violation, you should immediately contact an experienced defense attorney.

Georgia Probation Terms

The terms of your probation depend on the crime for which you have been convicted. For example, a person who was convicted of an alcohol or drug-related crime may be required to submit to alcohol or drug testing.

Probation terms may include regularly meeting with an assigned probation officer. You will also be required to inform your probation charges about any changes in your employment or contact information. In addition, you may be required to pay a monthly fee to the probation officer. While the specific amount of this fee may vary depending on your case, it can range from $20 to a few hundred dollars each month.

If you fail to carry out the conditions of your probation, you could face a probation violation charge. Failing to notify your probation officer of a change in contact information, forgetting to send in your payment, or missing a meeting could constitute a violation of the terms of your probation.

Penalties for Probation Violation

The penalties for violating your probation depend on a number of factors, such as the terms of your sentence. You will almost certainly be sentenced to jail time if your probation is revoked, and may even be ordered to serve the remainder of your probation period in jail. In some cases, the court may order the maximum sentence for your original charge.

Not all alleged probation violations will hold up in court. If your probation officer failed to file the proper paperwork, or you missed a meeting because of an emergency or illness, your probation violation charges could be dropped.

To fight your Georgia probation violation charges, and to potentially have them dismissed, contact an experience defense attorney at HTW&W today.