Georgia Sexual Assault Attorney

Just being accused of sexual assault could negatively impact your life forever. In Georgia, sexual assault is considered to be a serious crime, and the penalties for being convicted may include incarceration in addition to lifelong registration as a sex offender. If you or a loved one has been accused of this crime, you should immediately contact a Georgia sexual assault attorney to defend you against the pending charges.

Sexual assault is any sexual activity, such as touching, penetration, and intercourse, which is nonconsensual in nature. A sexual assault charge may also be filed against a person who has sexual activity with a victim who was unable to give consent because of intoxication or mentally disability or was unconscious at the time of the incident. If a person held a position of authority over the victim, it could also lead to a sexual assault charge.

Sexual Assault Penalties

Both society and the government regard sexual assault as a horrible crime that merits severe penalties. The potential punishment for a sexual assault conviction could include prison time, probation, financial restitution to the victim, and mandatory counseling.

Perhaps the most damaging of these penalties is that the convicted must sometimes register as a sex offender. A convicted sex offender must register with local law enforcement each time he or she moves, and must include information such as his or her address, employment information, and criminal history. This information is also available to the public on federal or state sex offender lists. The social stigma of being a registered sex offender could make obtaining gainful employment or housing difficult. In addition, failing to register as a sex offender could lead to serious criminal charges, resulting in harsh penalties.

Fighting a Sexual Assault Charge

If you have been charged with sexual assault, you need an aggressive advocate on your side. Don’t wait to hire a Georgia sexual assault attorney—soon after the charges are filed, the police will begin building a case against you. You need an attorney who can begin preparing your defense right away to mitigate the potential damage from a sexual assault accusation.

Not all accusations of sexual assault are truthful. If you have been the victim of a false accusation, an experienced attorney will uncover the facts in an effort to have the criminal charges against you dismissed.

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