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The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual, 2012 Edition.

Order The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual, 2012 Edition. By William C. Head, Frank T. Gomez

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Innocent until proven guilty. For anyone faced with a criminal charge, these are the most precious words in the English language. At the HTW&W Law Office, we have another word that you’re going to like to hear: win. And we’re not boasting. In fact, our law office has a reputation for winning cases, NOT accepting plea bargains. Our dedicated and experienced attorneys did not come to work for the largest and most awarded criminal defense and DUI defense law office in Georgia just to accept a plea bargain on your behalf. They’re here to win your case.

Areas of Practice:
• DUI (Driving Under the Influence)
• Drug Possession (Marijuana, Cocaine, Meth, Ecstasy, Prescription Drugs)
• Criminal Defense
• Traffic Violations
• Parole and Probation
• Criminal Law
• Criminal Appeals

Whether you or someone you know has been charged with a Georgia DUI or another criminal offense, we’re ready to get started on your case and get you one step closer to freedom. We probably don’t need to remind you that being convicted of a crime can result in expensive fines, losing your job, increased car insurance, and even time in prison. There are numerous life-changing consequences that can occur if you don’t hire an attorney (or the right attorney) to fight your criminal charge. Don’t let it happen to you when the HTW&W Law Office is waiting in the wings to win your case.

DUI Defenses
Did you know that breath tests and field sobriety tests (horizontal gaze nystagmus, walk and turn test, and one leg stand test) can be administered improperly. Did you know that burping, belching, and acid reflux can lead to false readings on the breath test?
Have you heard of rising blood alcohol levels? These are all topics you need to talk about with the HTW&W DUI defense attorneys.

Atlanta DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney Bubba HeadWilliam "Bubba" Head, the senior partner of HTW&W, is known as Georgia's leading DUI defense attorney. Mr. Head is a highly awarded defense attorney that wrote the book on Georgia DUI law.

The Benefits of Choosing HTW&W
We’re proud to represent our clients and want you to know that we have the credentials you expect to find in a criminal defense law firm. HTW&W has received an AV rating by Martindale Hubble, which identifies lawyers or law firms operating at the highest level of legal performance. We have also received a superb rating from AVVO and have been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau since 1976. also gave HTW&W an outstanding award.

And while such credentials have kept us busy, we offer the kind of service and attention your case deserves. The HTW&W Atlanta DUI attorneys never punch out and are always available 24 hours a day by phone or email. If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime, don’t hesitate to contact HTW&W.
The sooner we get started building your defense, the sooner your life gets back on track.

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